Sunday, March 30, 2008

Morristown Madams Over-Power South Jersey High Voltage Hotties

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - The Morristown Madams won their Spring Sting 2008 Season Opener in Morristown this Saturday, starting the season off right with a record of 1 - 0. After being plagued by losses in their inaugural season, including a loss to the Hotties at their Season Finale, the Madams triumphed over the South Jersey High Voltage Hotties 103-81.

The Madams and the Hotties were alternating the 1 point lead every jam until Hotties jammer Mos Deathly found herself in the penalty box, and Madams new comer Mega Menace took the chance to score a record 11 points in one jam. Even with a solid lead in place, the Madams momentum continued through the final whistle.

Despite low penalties and clean play, this grudge-match was plagued with injuries, both minor and major. The ladies kept the Morristown Ambulance Squad extremely busy throughout the night. In the final minutes of the game, Sophia Low-Rent of the Madams took a terrible spill which resulted in a broken ankle and a trip to Morristown Memorial. Just moments later Crash n Dash of the Hotties was also tripped up with a knee injury, luckily she was able to walk off the rink.

A portion of the proceeds from this bout were donated to Eleventh Hour Rescue a volunteer animal rescue organization that saves dogs from death row. For more information on EHR please visit